93-02 Polygraphite front control arm bushings

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93-02 Polygraphite front control arm bushings

Post by NBrehm » Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:19 am

If any of you follow my resto build thread you will know about my error with the front bushings for the control arms. That being SAVE THE ORIGINAL METAL SLEEVES! Having said that, you have the opportunity to not only score a set of brand new polygraphite bushings on the cheap, but show me up and not throw away your sleeves! If you are unfamiliar with Polygraphite it is different than rubber and poly. It pretty much sits smack in between. Thing of it as an OEM bushing for the way it feels and drives (slightly stiffer than stock, but not much) but like Poly will not dry rot and deteriorate from age. Best part of them compared to poly is they DO NOT SQUEAK! Anyway, company is PST, part # is POLY33164 if you want to look them up. They go for about $80+shipping new, I'll do $50.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
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