Car refuses to start. Need ideas!

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Re: Car refuses to start. Need ideas!

Post by BLACK-HAWK » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:52 am

Good grief!! I had pneumonia once, thanksgiving 2003 when I was 21.. Not fun.. Hope he gets better soon! Sending good Firehawk vibes!
Hawkless :(

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Re: Car refuses to start. Need ideas!

Post by Ijust4gotit » Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:24 am

That really sounds like a battery problem. Just because you have battery voltage doesn't mean it will have good capacity. I'd pull the battery and take it to O'Rileys. They have a cell corder which is just a fancy box that induces a small amount of current in the cells and checks it's resistance. High internal resistance on Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries is anything over 10K micro-ohms. This could very well be the issue, I work with a lot of batteries (everyday) and many people believe just because you have voltage your battery is good...Not the case!

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